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The Good Old Daze... DJ Bob Day Spins at MARZ Nightclub in Cocoa Beach - photo by Mike Weber

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About DJ Bob Day:
    Bob Day is a futuristic music producer and DJ, who started spinning and making electronic dance music, well before the classification EDM even existed. These days, he spends far more time producing than DJing. He explains: " I only DJ for fun anymore and, of course, to annoy my neighbors. Which, I guess also comes under the heading of fun. So, yes, I DJ for fun." Kidding aside, DJing is a way for Bob to stay in touch the latest musical developments, so that the tracks he produces, are as up-to-date as the music he enjoys playing.

    If it is possible to describe a DJ in a few words, then for Bob Day, that description would be "On the Cutting Edge". Always a ground breaking pioneer, the music he plays has continuously been ahead of the times. Listening to one of Bob's mixes from his early DJ years, while the music may now be considered old school, when the set was recorded, those tracks were totally fresh and were the newest leading-edge tunes. However, unlike most DJs, who become locked into a certain style and era of music, instead Bob has kept on changing with the changing times. He freely admits that, not every new style of music is love at first listen. Never the less, in almost any music, he soon finds qualities that he likes, and goes with it from there, integrating the latest breakthrough styles into his already unclassifiable sets, giving them even more depth and range.

    Music is constantly moving on and evolving, and Bob has consistently kept moving on and evolving, along with it. Why? because ultimately, cutting edge music is what he enjoys the most. That enjoyment comes from his experience, that the latest, most up to date music, is where the highest levels of musical creativity can be found. He explains "Innovation is most active, as people explore and expand new styles, where they can work in an environment of greater artistic freedom, less effected by the constraints of commercial pressure. Pressure that inevitably arrives, once a style becomes more mainstream. Leading-edge artists, who push into unexplored styles, understandably sell less music, as compared to those producers who work in well established genres. So, consequently, leading-edge artists tend to be the kind of people who are primarily motivated by musical innovation and exploration, which is the exact opposite of pop artists, who are masters of exploiting the familiar, predominantly for the purpose of financial gain."

         Music may move on, evolve and change but, what has never changed, is Bob's ability to rapidly pick up on the latest music, while at the same time, putting together sets that have his own flavor and interpretation imprinted all over them. He accomplishes this through carefully searching out progressive tracks, in the latest styles, that are musical, psychedelic, energetic and evoke emotion. Tracks which he locates, based on his years of musical experience. Experience which has allowed him to generate his own highly developed methodology of music acquisition skills, that make it possible for him to pursue, track down and obtain tunes, that fit not only certain styles but, at the same time, meet his own uncompromising standards, that a song should be more than the sum of it's parts, and stimulate the mind, the body and the soul. Which are precisely the same standards he applies to the music he composes and produces.

    While never loosing his appreciation for what has come before, Bob is continually fascinated by musical innovation, and certainly right now, musical innovation is primarily found in electronic music. The currently exploding electronic music scene is, without a doubt, a hotbed of innovation. All the more so, as you explore it's underground side and newly developing styles. Much of the expansion and innovation in electronic music, is a direct result of, the rapid growth and evolution of, high-tech tools for making music. Tools, which Bob also enjoys experimenting with. Bob is constantly testing out, and working with, the latest music making technology and techniques. To that end, he is currently building a innovative, state-of-the-art studio, that will be both a temple of advanced electronic music production, as well as integrate a wide selection of vintage analog and digital music making devices, allowing him to fully realize his goal of pushing the boundaries of music, further than he has ever had the capability to do before, even more so than in his previous music releases.

    At a time in life when many DJs start thinking of retiring from the field, Bob instead is continuing to grow and expand, diving headlong into the leading-edge of modern music. Motivated by a sky-high pile of fresh ideas, along with the excitement of soon having an innovative up-to-date studio facility, packed with the technology to develop and bring these ideas fully to life, Bob is far too focused on what lies ahead, to even consider stopping his exploration. He fully expects the next few years to be the most musically innovative and productive he has ever had, and that can only mean one thing, that exciting musical breakthroughs are just around the corner. Stay tuned...

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